Newness in the Air of Business Building

Newness in the Air of Business Building

There’s a feeling of newness in the air, and there’s nothing that I love more than this time of year.

Living in Chicago, I experience true seasonality all year long.

But, by also being more connected to my innate rhythms, I also feel it in my bones. 

Yes, the seasons are changing. Yes, eclipse season is here. Yes, Mercury is about to go retrograde. Yes, the cosmos are doing their thing at an individual and collective level.

How is it making you feel on the inside?

If the Spring Equinox is allowing for something to bloom, what is it?

What is coming through you right now? What newness is emerging?

For me personally, I feel like I’m going to remember this time of my life more than any other. 

Because even after so much internal change that the past year as brought me, there’s a newness blossoming through me. 

It feels like dancing to the beat of my own drum.

It feels like a somatic approach to business building. 

It feels like the new way that I’ve been talking about is becoming clearer with every exhale I take to more deeply surrender to it.

It feels like greater integrity, authenticity, consciousness, clarity. 

So how can we use the energy of newness for our businesses?

Ask yourself:

Am I speaking my truth? Am I getting to the heart of my work when I talk about my business?

Am I marketing myself with integrity? Am I showing up how I actually want to? Or how the world tells me I should?

Am I monetizing myself fully? Am I helping others in all ways? Or am I holding back?

There’s no better time than now to clarify and tighten up all of the above. Both the Meet-Up and the Mega provide 1:1 opportunities for you to work with me in achieving that. 

Happy Springtime, friends!

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