You're Marketing Yourself to Make Money

You’re Marketing to Make Money

I not only need to teach you how to market yourself, I’ve gotta teach you how to make money from it. 

This is the double-sided coin of my work.

If you don’t know how to market yourself in an aligned and authentic way, you won’t make money.

If you don’t know how to make money in an aligned and authentic way, marketing yourself is pointless.

Now, you may be asking: “Christina, of course I know how to make money. Everyone does. It’s so easy. All you gotta do is get paid.”

To which I’ll respond: Is it? Do you have money? Can you hold money? Is money coming to you in abundance? Is it that easy and effortless to call it in? Does it fly out the window the moment you have it? Are you hoarding it? Are you using it with integrity? Are you doing right by money? Do you feel safe with money?

Yah… this is a lot more complicated than you might realize. It was to me, too.

Remember when I said that my mission was to put heart-centered coaches, healers, bodyworkers, practitioners, etc. at the frontlines of the entrepreneurial world?

Well, turns out, a lot of them believe it’s part of their mission to stay poor. 

…That having money is bad.

…That what matters is immaterial.

…That struggle and strife proves their devotion to the greater good.

…That those who do *good* work AND make a profit doing it, are doing it wrong.

…That asking for money, for payment, for a fair share, is out of integrity. 

What’s the point of me helping others market themselves if they’re just going to demonize the money they receive from marketing?

This is the lie that many in the spiritual community believe in and perpetuate with PASSION.

And I’m not subscribing to it. 

I’m not only not subscribing – I’m burning it down.


…Have the money you need and want to nourish yourself and those you love,

…Have the money to create change in your community and within causes you care about,

…Have the money to amplify, expand and reach greater professional heights,


But we’ve gotta do some work, first.

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