Your Greatest Selling Proposition? Your Story

Your Greatest Selling Proposition? Your Story

If you’re an entrepreneur, you most likely know what a unique selling proposition is. I’ve personally written about it several times, here and here, to name a few. But I doubt you’ve considered your story being part of it.

The Unique Selling Proposition

The USP, according to Entrepreneur Magazine, is: “The factor or consideration presented by a seller as the reason that one product or service is different from and better than that of the competition.” As an entrepreneur, I’m sure there are several factors about your business that make it different from another. But one sure-fire way to be different without any competition? Sharing your story – and not just your bio. I mean, the things that happened that got you to where you are today.  

If you’re in business to help someone get from one place to another, then I’ve got news for you: You’ve got to put a lot more into that business than a fancy website and a pretty brand board. 

What I’m talking about is the stuff that can only come from within you. It’s what inspired you to do what you do. It’s what got you here today. It’s what makes you relatable and memorable.

Think about the entrepreneurs you follow. I’m guessing you know the ins and outs of what they’ve struggled with. I can repeat stories of tragedy and triumph from Gabby Bernstein, Marie Forleo, Oprah, Brene Brown and dozens of others.

My Story as My USP

In the past few days over social media, I’ve been promoting my free “reconnection protocol” guide that helps people realign with themselves so that they can get clarity, direction and guidance from within their own energy. While talking about this, I realized, (and vocalized) that I don’t talk about all the times that I am out of alignment.  

And I even said out loud, “I’m not sure why I don’t, because it doesn’t say anything about me other than the fact that I’m human.”

But it’s the truth. I don’t admit to feeling defeated, overwhelmed, and stuck here and there. I don’t admit to the comparisonitis or the imposter syndrome or the debilitating perfectionistic tendencies I’ve adapted over my life. If you want to know the full story, click here. (I only recently published this page, as it is now. I had updated it a few months back, but believe it or not, I was still playing it safe. So, I’m sharing it now – raw and true.)

We Connect Through Stories

I know deep down (and from my work as a marketing consultant for over the past 12 years!) that this is how we connect. We hear it all the time too: “People buy from people.” “Facts tell, stories sell.” This shouldn’t be news to us. 

And yet, we avoid it for good reason. It’s scary! It’s not easy sharing your truth. But I can tell you from personal experience: it’s also incredibly freeing. 

Ask yourself: What will it take for you to share your truth? What does your story reveal about your purpose? How can sharing it heal, transform and benefit others?

The journey that I’ve created through my e-learning programs helps entrepreneurs do just that, and it all starts with a free guide to help you learn how to reconnect to yourself, intuitively and frequently. Check out the journey here.