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Free Workshop Video Available: “How Do I Get the Word Out About My Business”

At this time last year, in September 2017, I hosted a workshop at Tribe for their members, entitled “How to Get the Word Out About My Business.”

The objectives of the workshop included the following:

  • Learn how to create a brand message with a unique selling proposition,
  • Learn how to differentiate yourself amongst your competition,
  • Learn about the online and offline marketing options available to you,
  • Learn about the pros and cons of each marketing option,
  • Learn about the top 3 best practices for each marketing option, and
  • Learn how to create a plan of action and marketing schedule that works for you.

The goal of the workshop was to empower the members with the tools that would help them revitalize their business, re-engage past and inactive clients, and become more confident in how they present their business to their audiences.

The workshop was a mix of lecture, exercises and discussion. There were also opportunities for Q&A breaks.

The entire workshop was filmed so that it could be accessed via private link to the workshop attendees. Now, on its one year anniversary, I am making it available to you for free!

To access this video, CLICK HERE.

To those feeling stuck, lost and confused about marketing, this video will provide a great introduction into the world of marketing. Hopefully you will generate some helpful ideas from it! If you need additional assistance, you can check out my Empowered Marketing Program or my consulting services.


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